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Last Competition of the Season GREAT JOB at Celebrity IDE!!!

Walking After Midnight 1st HG
Schools Out 3rd G
Little Brits 1st Pl
Starships G
Bom Bom 1st HG
Boogie Woogie 1st PL
Goo Gaga 1st HG
Hollywood 2nd HG
… Take a Memo 1st HG
Frenemies 1st HG
What I Like 1st G
The Call 1st G
Real Wild Child 2nd G
Shostakovich 1st HG
Doves Cry 1st HG
Haunted by Love 1st HG
Estudiantina 1st HG
Ragged Company 2nd Pl
Cosmic Love 1st HG
I’m a Woman 2nd HG
Stronger 1st HG
Popalicious 1st HG
Girls Gone Wild 2nd HG
Box Funk 1st HG
Dreamer 1st HG
Beautiful 1st HG
Stay HG
Blue Jeans 3rd HG
Good Morning 1st HG
Everyone’s Waiting 3rd HG
Too Many Fish 1st HG
Big Night 1st HG
Woods 2nd Pl
MMM Papi 1st HG
Stand by Me HG

Intermediate Solo:
2nd Boogie Woogie Sydni G

Intermediate Duet:
1st Bom Bom Kennedy/Kennady

PreJunior Group:
3rd Starships

Junior Group:
1st Little Brits

PreTeen Group:
2nd Goo Goo for Gaga

Judges Award: Little Brits

Teen Group:
3rd Haunted by Love

Junior Duet:
1st Big Night Hailee and Aly

Senior Solo:
2nd Woods Aubyn Armstrong

Speciality Award: Savanna Gonzalez

Steps on Broadway Award: Ali Boyd

Dance Showdown Finalist: Ali B, Kennedy A., Kennady M, Savanna G.

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